Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cheap Sunglasses Spotting & Back From Hiatus...

It is hard to stay on hiatus when things like this happen and make me smile.
Kevin Bean're made the Guinness Book of World records and has touched down safely in Sturgis.  A world record breaking ride of 1470.6 miles on a 50cc mini bike from Louisville, KY to Sturgis, South Dakota. 

 Read more about it on his blog, Everything Bean're. Ride on!

Hiatus is broken now.  Coming up from under is a good feeling it has been a very busy past couple of months.  Some good busy and some bad busy.  
Such is life and with living comes more mountains to climb and claim.  
I turned 60 not too long ago also.  Boy that was a trip!  I thought my day was forgotten and no one remembered, but to my surprise... I had a surprise party waiting for me.  It was a wonderful evening of crying, laughing and story telling.  One I will never ever forget, and either will my FBzzz cuz I bombarded them with photos and play by plays.  
Another play by play was going to my first Aerosmith concert last night.  I paid big bucks to get a big buck seat for the very first time in my life.  
A present to myself. 
Would I pay that much again?  Hell Yes!  
I had the time of my life and Rockin' Robin was the perfect rocker in crime to be with.  
I will post in my photo gallery the pics.  
Not for sale tho.  Against the little law of photogs to do so, but since they were all via Cellzilla, you can see them through there.  I took loads.  
Give me some time ;)
So with that,  thanks for the wait on the hiatus.
More catch up with everyone to come and more  
Cam fun to experience!
Happy No More Hiatus Trailzzz, 


Canajun said...

Welcome back and a belated Happy Birthday to you. 60 years young ain't so bad - been there, done that.

Trobairitz said...

Welcome back. It sounds like life has been pretty good to you lately. You deserve it.

bob skoot said...


Happy 60th. Doesn't feel any different does it ? I am sure everyone was pretending to have forgotten your birthday. Surprises are hard to keep quiet. Sometimes I wished I were 60 again, or even 50, or better . . . 45 We'll celebrate when I see you.

in the meantime welcome back

bob: riding the wet coast

WooleyBugger said...

The clip on Bean're, he has to be the most trippy trip person around these days. lol
I saw Aero Smith in Atlanta in the late seventies and was disappointed. Steven was so messed up and the band got booed off stage. Kept digging the records, just got bummed at the live show. Wouldn't mind seeing them now though they are all cleaned up.

VStar Lady said...

Happy belated birthday ... doesn't feel any different does it?

A Katy Did Gig said...

Thank you Canajun. Feels no diff, but weird to say 60.

A Katy Did Gig said...

Thank B! Things are looking up. Was in a super crunch for a bit and death is always debilitating, but looking up kiddo :) Thanks!

A Katy Did Gig said...

It will be fun to get together again after all this time. We must plan. Nope 60 feels not so bad after all :)

A Katy Did Gig said...

Bean're is one of the good guys. Always a happy person and ready for the next adventure. Aerosmith was great. I have never seen them before and am glad I have on their straight living days because it showed well. I'd see them again :)

A Katy Did Gig said...

Thank you VStar L! Nope, not really except saying the words 60... LOL! Doesn't feel like I am. Strange surreal...

Chuck netzhammer said...

All show, no go! Still waiting on the info I have asked you for many times. What is the exact, make and model, year of the pitbike, and did you register it as an moped with KY? For some reason you are ducking the questions everywhere I ask you.You claimed on Louisville Vintage FB page to use a loophole to get it legal. I checked the KY laws, and would like know the exact model. If you feel you cannot answer that question. In lieu of an answer, I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO AN CROSS COUNTRY RACE OR IRONBUTT 1000 ,1500 ride using IBR rules. NO trailers, vans or 4 wheel support or any kind. Just a bike with a spot tracer, and vidieo all the time.

A Katy Did Gig said...

Chuck: Seems like you have to address this to Kevin for this challenge, not me. I am sure you can find him on the road in New Foundland since he lives and rides world wide on his motorcycle putting hundreds of thousands of miles on it. Sorry I can't help you.

A Katy Did Gig said...

Chuck: Just received your other response but I am not going to use my blog for someone else searching out a reply to something I am not involved in. In particular the way it is written. However, I will state this with all due respect: You did write that you were the first to ride the distance, however you did not have it recorded to your own fault. So understanding the issue you have is a question for me as Kevin happened to have it recorded by Guinness World Records from my understanding. By that alone, he was recorded first and made it official. For all I know several people rode the distance and didn't record. He did evidently. You are looking for recognition here and I can't help you on either your riding or you recording the ride. I do know the man to be honorable and not a "wimp", and I, along with hundreds of people, do know he rides his life on motorcycles. Reply or not from Kevin, is not my place to handle. Neither is using this blog to call him out. I welcome any comments without personal attacks anytime.

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