Friday, June 13, 2014

Hiatus Time ~ I'm Pooped!

Life's Ride is taking a short hiatus or vacay from my blog here for a couple of weeks.   Yup, I just have too much to do and most of my communication is via the droidness of the nuclear zone lately and I really can't get a valid blog post out in between moving, demolition and building. Coping with the loss of a dear one by the hands of a drunk driver has thrown me into a state of WTF also.  In saying this, I am in need of time to zen, reevaluate and concentrate on the importance of life and getting things done and finished.

I will be in to read still.  I am too addicted to reading about all your rides and life's happenings.  I seem to do it at night and love catching up, so I will be peeping in on my blogsters to live vicariously through your rides and photos through your news feeds.  I am not saying goodbye to my blog.  You know I will post a pic or two in my free time, but what is important right now is not writing here, but getting it all together to be back. Pics by phone is about all I can give right now.

So, see ya in a few weeks.

Wishing  all a great Sum Summ Summertime!

Happy Hiatus Trailzzz,


Curt Carter said...


I wish you the best during your time away and hope you can get all the things you need to do accomplished. Sorry to hear about your loss, drunk driving is such a senseless act. If only people would realize they're putting others in danger. Hopefully one day people will be smarter.

Hang in there and try to enjoy the summer.


Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy.

Lucky said...

I'm sorry for your loss! Recuperate, recover, and come back when you can!

A Katy Did Gig said...

Thank you Curt. I can only hope that education will find its way to the DUIs.

A Katy Did Gig said...

Lucky, Thank you very much. I will be peeping in to the Pizza Tour :)

Arizona Harley Dude said...


Sorry for the loss of your dear one. DUIs aren't accidents anymore and there should always be jail time involved when a death is the result! Good luck with all of your projects! When you get back to posting, I'll be reading.

A Katy Did Gig said...

You are so right AHD. DUI's are not accidents. This was so unnecessary. He just got out of a DUI program one week earlier from what we learned. Just tragic. Thanks for posting and I will be checking in on your life's ride soon.

Trobairitz said...

Take care of yourself and we'll be here when things are straightened out.

A DUII is preventable so it really pisses me off when I hear of a DUII related death and/or crash. Doing defense work at the office we see way too many DUIIs. Young or old it doesn't seem to matter and they don't seem to care how many they have. Just senseless.

bob skoot said...


DUI's aren't just about drinking. I smell drugs from open car windows. Texting has the safe effect as DUI's. Why don't people take driving seriously. Sorry about your loved one . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

A Katy Did Gig said...

Thank you everyone. Completely agree. Have gone through a few too many friends this tragic way and would only hope it will stop sooner than later. We are losing way too many loved ones. Thank you all for your sympathies and support the last couple of months.

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