Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Joan Krenning ~ A Steel Horse Sister

Joan Krenning aka Lady Road Dog.  Riding her Glory US-A Freedom Ride.  A 36 month tour around America on her 2013 Street Glide.

Her mission:  
"To promote the purchase of American made products, to promote and preserve the American Bill of Rights and to inspire hope in others by giving back".   

Joan with one of her Design Wrap head bands.
Photo Credit:  Kathy Hurwitz©
Who is she? Simply stated, a busy woman of many talents. While on the road promoting American made products, she is actively running her own business, Design Wraps.  She is also the founder, and very engaged in, heading up the first women's rider summit known as Steel Horse Sisterhood happening in Colorado this May.  An endeavor she calls her "proudest moment".

We had a pleasant visit a couple of months ago when she was riding through the Bay Area in California.  On her way to a trade show for business, she stopped by my house and we talked a bit about the ride along with her current and future projects. After finding a bit more about her, I found her to be true to her spirit and dedicated to her patriotism.

Going through personal set backs in her past and rising above them, she has now taken root on the road to share her love of giving back.  She tells me, The Steel Horse Sisterhood admittedly has changed her in a positive way.

Her Street Glide is wrapped in graphics of the
Constitution of the United States.
Photo Credit:  Kathy Hurwitz©

~"I love the change that is happening inside me. I embrace each day now and look at every challenge with joy.  It really is only those challenges that are growing this girl into a woman."~

I like Joan Krenning.  She is exactly who you see... and monster rider in my opinion.  A true mentor for those who have struggled and now find success in the meaning of giving back.  There is a lot of activity going on with her projects that I urge you to go take a peak at.  Too much here to write about.  So you can read her complete bio and find out more about her ride and programs at her websites through Lady Road Dog at www.ladyroaddog.com.

I look forward to visiting with Joan again soon on her next round about.

Happy Lady Road Dog Trailzzz,

Photo Credit:  Kathy Hurwitz©


Diane Higdon said...

Great blog with a great lady. Sounds like she is having a blast out there on the road. Love her purpose!!!! Way to go! :)

KT Did said...

Isn't she great! I'm happy to have met her and look forward to hearing more of what she is up too :)

bob skoot said...


what guts she has. I can't imagine 3 years on the road, maybe 3 months might be doable

and a good cause too. Easier for you as we don't make much of anything here in Canada. Everything is imported at much higher prices

A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

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