Friday, March 22, 2013

What Are The Odds?

This is a photo of my friend Lynda during  her  annual trip to Sturgis in 2011.

The photographers are Michael and Karen just taking random pics.

Just recently Michael and Karen were going down memory lane looking at past photos, and to their smiley faces discovered the person in one of the photos happened to be Lynda.  Long after this photo was taken the three of them met through a mutual riding friend. They have been on many rides together and have developed a great friendship, but not until just a couple of days ago, they had no idea that they had captured their future friend on film.

What are the odds?  Whatever they are, this turned out to be odds in good favor and a fun conversation to be had for the future get togethers.

Happy Friendship Trailzzzz,


Trobairitz said...

Serendipity perhaps.......

It is way cool that the found the photo of her years later after getting to know her and becoming fast friends.

Webster World said...

That is pretty cool. Yeah what are the odds? Many years ago a friend met another of our friends from near you in Sturges and a year or so later I'm watching an Easyrider video and there they are. The odds thing here is they were in the following Easyrider video. Not as long but they were there. That was waaaaay back when 50,000 people were a lot. lol

bob skoot said...


Also what are the odds of a few bloggers happening to be in Alameda for breakfast one Sunday in January ? It was meant to be . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

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