Monday, March 11, 2013

Murray Man ~ The Beginnings Of His Ride

I'm Too Sexy  For My Furrrr...
Murray Man  is my dog ~ My Muse.   A mini Wired Haired Doxie that didn't get too wirey.  He's about 10 lbs. and a when he was a baby 5 years ago, I started him out on his journey in life with me and the motorcycles. Well... so I envisioned...

 He started the way most of us started, on a bicycle.

This worked... for awhile.  He kept growing and things had to change up to the next step.

A dog carrier.  

This worked...for awhile.  He really loved it, but my knees kept hitting him, bringing him up and down..up and down while hitting each knee. To say the least, it was an upper thigh workout for me... that got me tired really fast.  I figured since he loved it so much, I would take him to the next step and save my breath.

Sitting on the bike while I had it running.  

Another Giant Dog Bed!

This worked for awhile... and after getting him used to the feel and sound, I took a little  ride with him on the Deluxe.  That did not work out so well.  Sorry no pics, I can't ride and take pics at the same time, but we made it around the corner.  The problem was he didn't want to sit still.  The carrier was a good hold for him, but Mommy's balance with him moving about all the time, was, well... not so good.  We went home and placed the two wheels in the "out" category of  my and Murray's riding days.  As much as he could handle it... I couldn't. 

Instead I went home and figured out a rig for the Ural.  Now sold, the sidecar made it comfy for both him as a rider and me as a captain on my bike.  He really discovered himself as a rider in the comfy over sized dog bed the Ural provided and his happiness showed.  He received attention, and as a dog, who could ask for more!   Securely in, he was riding in first class.

This picture was used on his Jones Soda Bottle.

After a hard decision I sold the Ural.  But then still wanting a three wheeled motorcycle I bought the Street Glide Trike.  We went back into using the front pack (made for dogs) and went out on it for a little ride.  He molded perfectly into his new ego...Trike Dog.  Instantly, we were both comfy and since that day we have gone many places, albeit just around town, but he and I enjoy our Trike Time together.  He now sits within the front pack on the tank.  He wears his goggles, he doesn't like them, but like a good biker dog, he complies.

Here's a pic of us at Cook's Corners, Orange County, CA

The Front Pack on Dog Day Afternoon.
He met up with Rusty his dog buddy. He's a rider too.

Murray found out this wasn't a Dog Wash but a Hog Wash instead.

You trying to tell me I'm not a bad ass?!!!

Murray now has his own page, at Murray aka Shopper Dog.  He's become quite the socialite and wags the tail on just about anything dog furiendly.  Check him out and "like" him if you would.   He needs a couple of more furiends to make the mark of 30.  Right now he just luvs the quality of people luv'n dogs.
Woofing at life!

Anyway, that's a bit of Murray Man's beginnings.

Happy Tailzzzz...


Roger Fleming said...

I should try that with Moses my just never know!

mq01 said...

rogey, francis ford coppolas son rides with his gorgeous black bombay (in a leather roll type carrier secured to the riser/bars). it's fabulous! i wish my cinco would tolerate this...

murray, you and mom kick ass! cinco and i want to be just like you! :)

bob skoot said...


I just love those Murray Glasses

Riding the Wet Coast

Arizona Harley Dude said...

I'm inspired! My Dexter needs to start riding with me.

Anonymous said...

Me loves Murray Man! xoxo

Trobairitz said...

Murray is one cool dog!!

Oh and I liked his page on fb. How could I not - he is so stinkin' cute.

Sara Fowler said...

Murray Man in his riding gear is one cool dude ( : Love your pup pics!!!

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