Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nightster Project 11 3/4 ~ Seat Continues...

So, I put the seat on and then discovered it was too high for me.  My tootsies were barely hitting the ground.  

Original stock seat went back on.  Then I went into the kitchen to do some cutlery  work.  Wrong place... I found that out after I had to clean the mess up.  Foam everywhere.   

Beginners Tip:  Don't wear a fleece vest while cutting foam.   

Murray stayed back.

After hacking the seat down to what I measured it out too, I went into the garage and tried it on.  Success.  Now I just needed to smooth it out.  That serrated knife hacked it up pretty good. 

Working with what I have in the garage, and as seen on You Tube (LOL), I took out my sander, and stayed outside to work on it a little longer. 

The sander being square and not round was a bit awkward to say the least, but it worked when I moved slower.  At the end of the day I ended up being happy with it and what I have accomplished so far. I know this isn't such a big deal to most of you wrenchers out there... but a biggy for me.    I just imposed my craft room project head into it.  Surprisingly, I really like working on the bike...even if it is a bolt here and there.  

So, now what?  I wait.  Wait until I figure out what I want for a covering.  I have an idea, and I think that is where the $$ will go.  So just getting it all down on paper and starting it is all that is needed.  Hunting for inspirations...

This Nightster Project 11 may go on for awhile.

In the meantime, I do have a super low reach seat on its way from E-bay.  Got a good deal on it that included free shipping.  I like wheeling and dealing on those "submit offer" buttons ~ so much fun!  Still all in all, everything I have done has been a lot less expensive than if I had a custom seat made, and now I have a small touring seat to boot.  Change is good *smiles*.


Happy Never Ending Project Trailzzz,


bob skoot said...


I don't think I have the nerve to cut up a perfectly good seat, just to reach the foam underneath. You are very brave.

The next step may involve "Ms M" ? and her leather handiwork ?

Riding the Wet Coast

KT Did said...

LOL Bob. Hopefully I can make this work and not have to cut up another. Ms. M is crafty and that is an option *smiles*

mq01 said...

FABULOUS! I LOVE IT!!!! great job! thats the work of a crafty master customizer right there! :)

Canajun said...

Had to laugh at the beginner's tip. Been there and have the foamy fleece to prove it! But be warned, once you start doing your own work and gain some confidence no one else will ever be able to do as good a job and you'll be hooked. But it's a good hooked.

Webster World said...

Sounds great. C is right once you get started it feels good doing your own work. Even if it is bolt on. Bet you do feel good and you should :-}

WooleyBugger said...

My gosh I found you. I had no idea you had this one.

KT Did said...

MQ: I may be calling upon your leather skill :)

Canajun: Yes, foam all over. LOL! Glad I'm not alone.

Webster: Yes, I like doing the work. My strength is the problem. Guess I need to work it more LOL!

Wooley: Yes, I deleted the old blog, brought it back, played with it in the "advanced" customizer... then lost it luck. a two time blog loser of 8 years gone posts. I was not going to blog again, but I missed it and got email support. So I'm back with the little blog again. This time called Life's Ride As I See It with links to the everything elsesssss..♥

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