Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nightster Project

One thing I have been up to, is playing around with my Nightster.  I call it my Nightster Project.  This is my "so far" list:

Change out gas cap.  Disliked the chrome. LOL!

I had to have a bag but I didn't want to lose the look of the Nightster with too much stuff, so I bought a solo bag online from Garage Leathers.  They were really good in answering my questions and delivery was within a week.  I can't be happier.  It has more room than most solos, sturdy, and does not flap in the wind.   Putting it on was easy enough and I just kept to the directions and learned what a swing arm is *happy face*.

Directions weren't so bad.  

Check luggage off the list.  
Then there was the detachable windshield.  Took awhile to say the least.....


Murray likes it.

Nope I didn't wrench this one.  LOL!   Vance & Hines Short Shots and  an Arlen Ness Big Sucker.  Threw on a Cobra K & End computer.  (Hope I got that thingy's name right).  I can actually feel it a bit as I throttle on and off.  Not so bad.  Runs great if not better.  

Then I had to paint it, and black out most of it out.   Not liking monograms, not even on my clothes or purses, the tank was painted over in gloss black.  I like the flat blacks, but it seems that when I started looking around for inspiration, I saw an almost over saturation of flat black bikes out there.  So I left it glossy, to stay in the over saturated of glossy black bikes. LOL. 

I couldn't stand the nuts and bolts... Sharpie to the rescue!

The other day I installed the detachable luggage rack.  Got three bolts on and the fourth refused to come off.  There's always one.  So I had to call back up from my buddy Albert who came over and gave it a good twist.   Wasn't sure if I wanted a luggage rack, but now that I have it... ROAD TRIP :)


Working on After:

Not so bad so far.  I'm happy. 
I ordered a bobber seat in silver.  I plan to rip it apart and make a new one eventually... maybe even knock on MQ's door for some of her creative works on it.  (Hint hint *smiley face*).

All in all, satisfaction is hitting me on this bike.  Its been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed doing some of the cosmetics on it.  Some day I will learn how to change the oil.

Happy Nightster Trailzzz...


bob skoot said...


I'm stuck on your Gas cap changeout. Do you have detailed instructions as how you did it. Looks very challenging to me.

I also like simplicity without chrome but perhaps you need some reflector tape for night time visibility

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Trobairitz said...

Looking good. I like the changes that you've made.

The Nightster is a sweet looking Harley.

mq01 said...

love love love (and lol) more love! lol... great stuff kt!

KT Did said...

LOL! Bob: It took everything out of me to rip the cap out of its plastic...I had to use scissors!

MQ & Trobairitz: Thank you!

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Happy to see you back on this Blogg thingy. The scoot is looking great!!!

Troubadour said...

Love the solo bag, had never seen one before and it fits nicely. The rear rack looks good too! Good job!

WooleyBugger said...

That rack looks close to the ones I make for Ironheads. Those markers make a quick fix .You can also get touch up paint markers at an auto supply store or even use model car paint for a bit of longivity. Though I have done the marker trick myself so don't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

looking great K! :) from K

Leonardo CaĂșla said...

Sorry for the dumb question. How detachable ir this rack? I mean, if you leave the bike on the street, anyone can detach it and take it away? Or does it have a lock and key to do it? Thanks, Leonardo

KT Did said...

Yes, Leonardo. It is completely detachable. However, it takes a bit to do it. I have it because I don't like a rack all the time, but when I travel I can put it on. Its small enough just to take off on overnight and at rallies. To tell you the truth, I have never had a problem with anyone touching it. I understand you can buy a lock, but I have never looked into that.

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