Monday, January 28, 2013

Nightster Project ~ New Seat

The seat came in for the Nighty, and over the rainy weekend I decided to get the wrench on.  Once again it was down and dirty...

I hit the You Tube on the "how to do" videos and after looking at them, I went to work.

First to do:
Take off the detachable luggage rack to get to the bolt to unloosen the seat.  Jeezers!  I put this thing on and now I can't get it off!  The "detachable" rack was a bit hard to detach, but once I got it off, unscrewing the bolt was a piece of cake..LOL.  At least I know now that the luggage rack won't be flying off.

Then it was time to pull the seat off:  About 30 minutes into it, I had to call my bud Jim in Service at Pomona Harley Davidson to get some hints on what the heck I was doing wrong.  Evidently, I was doing right and just needed to pull more...ughghg.  Guess I need to work out more.  In time, I had it off and had an overwhelming urge to get a beer.  But wait..........

Hmmm, I looked down at where the original seat bolted on where there was a thread inserted.  The bolt hole that I needed to use was missing its thread thingy.  Another ughghg.... Now I need a shot of Patron, but before I do that:

Phone call #2  to Jim...

Me:  "Hey Jim, this is Kathy again. The place where the bolt needs to go is missing it's thread thingy.  Now what!" "$%#*"

Jim:  "The thread needs to come out of the previous hole and be put into the existing bolt hole so my seat can be connected properly".

Me: "Ok", how the hell do I do that?"

Jim: "Got any tie downs?"

He proceeded to tell me to thread the tie through the bolt from underneath the fender then take off the C washer.  Then it will fall down over the tie and grab it.  Then, do the same threading from underneath the fender, through the hole that needs the thread and replace the C washer in that one.   This part was kind of tricky...the tie refused to come up through the hole.  Another 30 minutes of work and I went inside to my cosmetic drawer and grabbed my tweezers to pull the damn thing up from the hole.  Success.  I am convinced that every wrencher needs a pair of tweezers in their tool chest... and a bottle of  Tequilla.

Genius At Work...
Now I am cooking with gas, a renewed rush of adrenaline.  Time to put the seat on.  Grabbed the seat and started putting the front end into the go.  Kept trying.  Kept pushing and holding the kickstand while pushing the stinker!  Ughghghg #3!

Call #3:

Me:  "Hey Jim, its me a moment?"

Jim:  "Anything for you Kathy"

Me:  "The stinkin' seat won't go in its slot thingy!"  "Do I need to take that rubber-band piece off before I put it in"?

Jim:  "Yes, Kathy, the rubber thingy stuff is packing".

Me:  "oh..."  Okay, thank you!"

So, the story be told, I finally got it on. Took almost 2 hours...but I did it.

Suggestions For Tool Boxes Around The World:

1 Pair of Tweezers
1 Bottle of Your Favorite Drinkypoo.  Mine just happens to be Patron w/a chaser of beer or vice versa.  *winkerz*

Another notch of wrenching success goes down in KT Did history.

Now it needs to stop raining...

Happy Wrenching Trailzzz To You Too,


Webster World said...

Great idea with the zip ty.

Canajun said...

Good work and a nice looking seat. Those "thread thingys" can be a pain. They invariably drop out and roll under the workbench or some other unreachable place.

mq01 said...

i love it! you're kicking ass over there kt!..keep it up.. and, great looking seat!

Trobairitz said...

Great job getting that seat on. It looks pretty styling!

bob skoot said...


I can tell you now that if I ever need a seat upgrade, I am riding to your garage and use your tweezers.

this is much more complex than your gas cap upgrade. Now you can ride !

Riding the Wet Coast

KT Did said...

All: Still working LOL! Zip tie and tweezers at hand :)

WooleyBugger said...

I remember a long time ago your telling me you could not wrench. I told you to just take on small things and it would come, and look at you now lady. Good job.

KT Did said...

Wooley: I remember you telling me that and I had no idea how fun this would be. I would like to take just a basic class of how to change oil, etc. I am looking into local schools just to check it all out.

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