Monday, September 15, 2014

18 ~Bob Skoot - RIP Friend~

Bob Leong
"Bob Skoot"

Family Man, Gadget & Camera Man, Rider & Lover of Motorcycles, 
Lover of Life Itself, and to a lot of us here,
Our Blogging Friend. 

Bob armed with his camera in Alameda, CA giving us a visit
For many years in our motorcycle blogosphere, a lot of us have been lucky enough to meet those that comment and blog along with us on our writing rides.
With a great enthusiasm, we have gathered and spent time with each other to talk, 
laugh and share life's givings and tales across the country. 
Bob was one of those people who enjoyed doing just that.  
He visited many of us and gave us his adventurous stories on his blog Riding The Wet Coast.

Today, and with heavy hearts, our blogging community has learned that Bob has passed on, 
and we are all very saddened by this news. 

Sympathies and love go out to his wife, family and friends. 

You will be missed dearly.   

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 ~Alameda Vacay Ride, Pt. 1~

Part 1 of my "Alameda Vacay Ride"

I left Southern California on August 13th for Alameda.  Sold the house and it was time to turn over the keys to the new owners on the 15th.  Knowing it was going to be a bittersweet journey , I stuffed the tissues in my jacket and Gozilla and I rode off toward Northern California. Have you ever done the ride and cry?  ughghghg... Memo to myself:  No eye makeup when riding and crying.

Anyway, I knew this was all happening, so I planned a two week or so venture to do a solo ride and get myself back together.  What better way to send off the keys.

Since I love the California Coast, and have ridden lower Hwy 101,  I made map plans to journey up Northern California's 101.  The part of California I haven't seen in decades.  First stop:  Pismo Beach, California.  A normal stop when I ride this route.

Computer, camera, clothes.
I ended up taking a small case for all my layer change outs which I just  kept
attached up on the luggage rack.  At first I didn't want too, but it ended up being perfect
Worked out just fine that way and didn't feel over burdened.
As usual, I don't even get through the L.A. basin and I have to pull over where there is absolutely no place to pull over.  So I made an exit, rode around in circles, and ended up at the Skirball Cultural Center.  I was hoping they would not deny me using the facilities, and no they did not.  Friendly and welcoming.  Why is this so important?  In all the pulling over and such, I met a man who was so great to talk too.  It never ceases to fail me that I meet the greatest people at the oddest timings.  He loved my trike and asked me a few questions about it, then mentioned he rode and raced bikes.  I looked at him in a peculiar way and threw a cheek to cheek grin looking at him.  One eye and one arm.  "You ride"?!  He smiled and said "yes, look me up on Google". Wow!  I asked, "did you lose your eye and arm that way"?  He shook his head and said, "No".  I didn't ask any further, but we did talk about the trike and riding in general for awhile. We ended up exchanging contact info and hopefully I will be sitting down with this guy and getting more skinny on his great life.  Super friendly guy and I was super happy to have met him!

Meet Brett Bemis, also known as Bandit Rider, 4 Stroke rider

Refreshed,  I continued my trip...through traffic, because now I have talked so much it was morning rush hour in the Los Angeles basin.  Love meeting people, but traffic, Bleckkk...but then again, I didn't have far to go the first day. 

Through Santa Barbara and then Santa Maria, I stopped at the Harley Dealership on 101 to get a new pair of gloves and take that Harley Selfie we all love.  Getting a coffee in too was well needed. Normally the HD's have coffee brewing.  This dealership seems to always have it for riders.

Santa Maria Harley Davidson

Pismo Beach is only a few miles up the road from here.  I made good timing and when I get to my destination for the night, I have enough time to walk around, get some exercise in, and eat of course.

First things first:

Boots come off.

Then I walk for a couple of hours and check the place out:

Then I have a drink and din din:

Then I find a place to sit and,

Watch the sun set: 

The next morning I woke up to my bowl of oats and some fog. 
I love this weather.  
The fog was above the road, so it is not
very threatening, and it only last a few hours in the morning on the ride. 

The weather was still but chilly.  

View from the balcony seating area.  Foggy a tad bit. 

While I was getting packed up to leave, a young lady came over to the 
bike and asked a whole lot of questions. 
 Her mother just stood there with a smile and let her. 
She was very interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle. 
Mom said:
"Teagan you can do anything you put your heart into". 
Loved Mom!

Here's how Teagan struts her stuff:

Come to think of it, I have walked that walk many times too!

...and then later in the day when I stopped for lunch in Gilroy, a 
young man was really enthusiastic about the machine too. 


Okay Now A Little Diddy: 

Wild Val had a husband named Darrell aka Animal. 
He passed many years ago.  
Old School rider.
Part of my trip plan was visiting our old school riding friend, Russ & Pam in Oregon.
We all had our group way back when.  This was our "family", and we still love and consider each other friends after all these years, even though all our lives have changed. 
Anyway, Wild Val made me a beautiful Dream Weaver for my birthday in July with one of 
Darrell's ride pins on it.  
I took him with me to visit Russ.  
His birthday just so happened when I was there.  

Darrell's Ride Pin
My First Angel On This Trip. 

I arrived to an empty house.  I had kept a cot and bedding there, but the house
was empty other than a bit of food in the fridge.  
Yup, I cried.  Felt different and surreal. 
I took a walk around town and then went to sleep. 

In the morning I answered the door to Roberta's tears and goodbyes. 
I gave her the cot.
For me. 
To Sleep on when I visit her. 
(Selfish me *wink*)

Like the Mama Ro she is, she helped me get on my way. 
Told me to put on chaps for the Richmond Bridge and warned me that I would be cold if I didn't, 
then handed me a pin that once belonged to her daughter, 
An Angel pin. 
For those of you who don't know this, Natalie, age 22, lost her life to a drunk driver back in June of this year.  Not just a one time drunk driver, but a two time drunk driver, who just one week before this tragedy got out of the DUI program.  
The car hit a pole so hard it broke her heart
Our hearts broke too. 

So Now...
I have two Angels with me. 
My heart smiles with love and promise of a great ride. 

Nat's angel on Darrell D's bike. 

So, Berta and I hugged and cried our goodbye but I had one last stop:

The old digs I lived in as a teenager.  

Lot of memories in this town. 
Anyway, time to move on, and move on I have. 
I can always visit.

Coming up:  The ride to Willits, Crescent City, Rogue River, and Shady Cove, OR. 
Thrown in with some animals, trees, Mother Nature, and more riders met along the way. 

Happy Life's Ride Trailzzz,

P.S. An Important Little Diddy

Natalie was a very giving young lady. 
She was an organ donar.  
She donated all on the day of her death. 
Before her parents could even see her,
she was giving life. 
That is hard to write and I am sure, hard to read for some...but it is the truth of it all.  
She gave back the ultimate in a tragic situation.  
If you are considering being a donor, please go to Donate Life California and check it out. 
Become a donor of life. 
For Life.


Friday, September 5, 2014

6 Cheap Sunglasses Spotting ~ Jessi Combs

I met this lady through friend Betsy Huelskamp back at the LOVE Ride last year.  Just a hello and how do you do.  Very friendly. By the looks of her, you would never think she is this daring.  So petite and cute to boot.  She is however, very well rounded in the moto world, so when I was looky looing around the net this a.m. I saw this from awhile back and thought I would showcase
a lady on the Spotting who knows how to strutt her stuff the way she loves to live.  

Awesomeness I say...

Want more? 
All Girls Garage

Friday, August 29, 2014

6 The Skinny Of The Day at The Daily


I just got back from a two week ride vacay, and I will be posting in the next week or so after going through my film.  Anyway, as I was riding, I took so many cell phone pics and had a hard time dealing with uploading so many at the Johnny on the spot.  Knowing that I upload to my Facebook all the time, and that a lot of peepers here are not FB fans, I decided to do a "Daily" post of what nots and what sorts. So welcome to The Skinny Of The Day at the As I See It Daily blog.  I am not sure what it may evolve into.  Right now it is an olly olly oxen free gig.  It is a separate blog set up because I did not want all the side bar stuff on another Page and I don't always want to write, but show and tell instead.  So I tabbed it on top and it's a click away.  You can subscribe over there at the bottom of the page, or just check back every so often from here at Life's Ride ... Its a daily thing so it'll be here waiting. Whatever hits me that day... you'll see it there from my shareaholic head.  Hope to see you there too and, as always, I love Youzzz!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

13 Cheap Sunglasses Spotting & Back From Hiatus...

It is hard to stay on hiatus when things like this happen and make me smile.
Kevin Bean're made the Guinness Book of World records and has touched down safely in Sturgis.  A world record breaking ride of 1470.6 miles on a 50cc mini bike from Louisville, KY to Sturgis, South Dakota. 

 Read more about it on his blog, Everything Bean're. Ride on!

Hiatus is broken now.  Coming up from under is a good feeling it has been a very busy past couple of months.  Some good busy and some bad busy.  
Such is life and with living comes more mountains to climb and claim.  
I turned 60 not too long ago also.  Boy that was a trip!  I thought my day was forgotten and no one remembered, but to my surprise... I had a surprise party waiting for me.  It was a wonderful evening of crying, laughing and story telling.  One I will never ever forget, and either will my FBzzz cuz I bombarded them with photos and play by plays.  

Another play by play was going to my first Aerosmith concert last night.  I paid big bucks to get a big buck seat for the very first time in my life.  
A present to myself. 
Would I pay that much again?  Hell Yes!  
I had the time of my life and Rockin' Robin was the perfect rocker in crime to be with.  
I will post in my photo gallery the pics.  
Not for sale tho.  Against the little law of photogs to do so, but since they were all via Cellzilla, you can see them through there.  I took loads.  
Give me some time ;)

So with that,  thanks for the wait on the hiatus.
More catch up with everyone to come and more  
Cam fun to experience!

Happy No More Hiatus Trailzzz, 

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