Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life's Ride As I See I

has moved to:

K-H Photography
Most know photography is a passion I have had for decades as an amateur player in the field and never put it in the forefront of my life's ride.  Because of that, I have decided to merge my blog and photography sites as one.  In doing so, I lose the Life's Ride blog, but in saying that... I am still on Life's Ride.  I just could not find any new material to write about that someone else wasn't already doing.  I am very proud of my riding blog here, but it just ended up being a "meh" kind of feeling when it came down to post something.  In order to pare down my web experience and concentrate more on photographing the tale, I find this is the most convenient way to accomplish my passions of blogging, riding, everyday life in the images that I so love to record.  
The unique side of this change-over is that you will be able to view, comment under photo or page.  In fact,viewing should be easier, as the galleries and folders will contain certain events/dates, etc. to search through.  
My client galleries will remain unchanged and password required. 
This is a much simpler way to tell the tale which will continue in all aspects including the motorcycle arena.
I know it is a change, but for me that is what life is all about. 
A special thank you to all that have joined me here on Life's Ride As I See It (aka KT Did), and to all my advertisers who have been with me throughout the years. Thank you to the over 165,000 readers for staying with me and to those regular bloggers that I have not only met through writing, but riding, because of you, this little blog would not have been so wonderful for me to do.  

Thank you with all my heart. 

Katy Did