Friday, January 23, 2015

~Getting My Trailer On~

After looking and searching out peeps for info, I have decided to get a trailer for the RV
This is the style.  Heavy duty and solid.
6 1/2' x 10'

This was a thought. Casters would be installed for steep inclines.

After nixing the down tail version, I opted for this.
This will hold my Smart Car and any bike I have.
I will use the casters for driveway purposes.
I'm on a good 25% incline.
After a little practice with this being towed,
I will soon be selling my Kendon Double.
It has been used only 3 times anyway.
I think I will get more use out of this.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

~Part 6~Alameda Vacay Ride~

Russell spent childhood days here in the Tavern.  Now the local Museum.
I will post a bit more of this place later. 
So I arrive at Russell and Pams' place, get inside their new home, which is decorated as they have always dreamed doing for the past few decades, and I get the tour.  They pulled out everything from storage, old photographs of family and friends and pieces of their lives' history are on display.  Their front living area looks out onto country property and the Rogue River. As soon as I am shown around I am swooped away for the first day's tour.

After spending a short tour at Russell's old digs (I will post more later on that), we went over to the Butte Creek Mill.   The Butte Creek Mill is located in Eagle Point, Oregon and dates back to 1851. It still has original gears, pulleys, belts, and all the workings of a flour mill, and it is one of two remaining water powered mills in Oregon.   Very historic.  Not too many places these days that use 100 + year old equipment.  Flour and other home goods are sold here still and with the modern techno gear we call the computer, goods can be bought through their website.  Who would of thunk back then that this would happen?

Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point, Oregon
The wood beams are amazing. 
A fun corner inside. 
Still used for local meetings and gatherings.
This room is below where the river runs through.  
For you gear heads.  All wood.  
The river is running below us and it can be seen under those planks pictured above. 
Water powered grinder for grain. 
I guess the laundry machine had to go someplace...
Black Smith tools.

You can see repairs to the stone mortar over the years.
This alone is history. 

Sometimes ya just need a bath. 

The freezer sits across the street from the Mill.  Yup, this is the old ice house brought to you by horses and carriages back when.

This house is on the side of  Highway 62 Eagle Point or so. Known as the Wood House and was constructed in 1870.  It is historically maintained and I love the porch.  I can't imagine being so alone back when though.  If memory serves me well, Russell had said it was moved from it's original spot across the street to where it sits now.

The Wood House

As we went around we got hungry and went in for some Mexican food.  So did everyone else.  On our way out to find another place to eat we admired some of the hot rods in the parking lot. 

After dinner we took in some wildlife that always seemed to appear on the roadsides every evening. 

Later, at home off the deck, we see it is dinner time for the dogs...

The next day we went to the fish hatchery...

Cutting the fins on Steel Head to mark them.

Here's a little video on what they do:

Then we visited some river frontage and bridges...

A campsite. 

Very pretty here. 

A good selfie at the campsite. 

One of our hikes. 
Another hiking place

A beautiful hiking trail leads to the river. 

Darrell came to visit.  He flew on my finger straight towards me. 
One of the bridges on the hiking trail leads to the Living Stump and the river.

This spot was really beautiful.  The river is extreme in places and the river disappears
goes underground through the tubes.  

This is looking straight down the hillside.
You can spot the river re-emerging around up from the
lava tubes.  Very forceful waters.  

Water coming from one of the tubes. 

The trees growing out from the rocks. 

I am going to leave you here.  I thought I would get more up, however, the loading of pics and film can slow the Blogger system down on certain browsers.  I think I will have just two more posts.  This ride was incredible and going through my photos have been enough for me to already plan another ride in through Mother Nature.  Hope you are enjoying it.  

Til Then,
Happy Rogue River Trailzzz, 

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