Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cheap Sunglasses Spotting & Back From Hiatus...

It is hard to stay on hiatus when things like this happen and make me smile.
Kevin Bean're made the Guinness Book of World records and has touched down safely in Sturgis.  A world record breaking ride of 1470.6 miles on a 50cc mini bike from Louisville, KY to Sturgis, South Dakota. 

 Read more about it on his blog, Everything Bean're. Ride on!

Hiatus is broken now.  Coming up from under is a good feeling it has been a very busy past couple of months.  Some good busy and some bad busy.  
Such is life and with living comes more mountains to climb and claim.  
I turned 60 not too long ago also.  Boy that was a trip!  I thought my day was forgotten and no one remembered, but to my surprise... I had a surprise party waiting for me.  It was a wonderful evening of crying, laughing and story telling.  One I will never ever forget, and either will my FBzzz cuz I bombarded them with photos and play by plays.  

Another play by play was going to my first Aerosmith concert last night.  I paid big bucks to get a big buck seat for the very first time in my life.  
A present to myself. 
Would I pay that much again?  Hell Yes!  
I had the time of my life and Rockin' Robin was the perfect rocker in crime to be with.  
I will post in my photo gallery the pics.  
Not for sale tho.  Against the little law of photogs to do so, but since they were all via Cellzilla, you can see them through there.  I took loads.  
Give me some time ;)

So with that,  thanks for the wait on the hiatus.
More catch up with everyone to come and more  
Cam fun to experience!

Happy No More Hiatus Trailzzz, 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hiatus Time ~ I'm Pooped!

Life's Ride is taking a short hiatus or vacay from my blog here for a couple of weeks.   Yup, I just have too much to do and most of my communication is via the droidness of the nuclear zone lately and I really can't get a valid blog post out in between moving, demolition and building. Coping with the loss of a dear one by the hands of a drunk driver has thrown me into a state of WTF also.  In saying this, I am in need of time to zen, reevaluate and concentrate on the importance of life and getting things done and finished.

I will be in to read still.  I am too addicted to reading about all your rides and life's happenings.  I seem to do it at night and love catching up, so I will be peeping in on my blogsters to live vicariously through your rides and photos through your news feeds.  I am not saying goodbye to my blog.  You know I will post a pic or two in my free time, but what is important right now is not writing here, but getting it all together to be back. Pics by phone is about all I can give right now.

So, see ya in a few weeks.

Wishing  all a great Sum Summ Summertime!

Happy Hiatus Trailzzz,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Motorcycle Use During Wars ~ Submitted Guest Post From Kiara Wilson

In the past, motorcycles have had big roles in times of war.  In World War II, motorcycles were heavily used to dispatch messages to the front of enemy lines. Harley Davidson and BMW were one of the major motorcycle manufacturers during WWII. They helped create motorcycles specifically designed to be used in times of war.  Although they were both at opposite sides of the war, their motorcycles and machines made a large difference.  Stored inside their saddlebags were important medicines, messages and ammo that needed to make it to the front lines. During these times of war, there had to be other quick methods to transport supplies and people to the front lines. The motorcycles offered little protection (motorcycle safety gear and helmets in the front for the riders with typically just a thin aluminum fairing).  These specialty motorcycles were made to withstand small arms fire, and continue moving through the harsh conditions.

Image Credit: Wikipedia
In 1910, There were only 2 motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Both of them were American companies- Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. Both of these companies were the first to innovate and start bringing various technologies to the motorcycle. However, by 1940, there was more competition around the world.  BMW had been started in Germany and was quickly catching up, they had perfected their design and technology. During WWI, the armistice called for the ceasefire from all sides.  It was a Harley Davidson that rode up to get the peace treaty signed to end WWI.  During the peak of their operation, Harley created almost 60,000 motorcycles for use on the front lines.  HD even had a special motorcycle mechanic school that they operated to train soldiers on how to maintain the bikes.  To service this special purpose, these rugged motorcycles could be packed and shipped in a crate.  BMW and both Harley Davidson allowed these motorcycles to be parachuted into enemy territory. The engines on the motorcycles were beefed up to allow them to take on larger payloads. On the opposite end of the war, BMW was also creating motorcycles to help the Germans defend Europe. All across Europe there were BMW motorcycles paired with sidecars as their main way to get around.  BMW can be credited with bringing the side car into popularity. There were many different uses for the side car during World War II.  Some instances even allowed for a machine gun to be mounted on it.  Other uses for the side car were storing extra spare tires and saddlebags to store ammo.

By the time the War was over, both Harley Davidson and BMW had created over 100,000 motorcycles and trained tens of thousands of soldiers on how to maintain these bikes. All the motorcycle manufacturers quickly went back to manufacturing motorcycles made for the civilian life.  BMW had revolutionized motorcycle shock technology and Harley Davidson had created a great new engine. With the advancements made here, they forever changed motorcycling. After World War II, many more motorcycle companies started to appear. Due to the way of life, some of these Army Motorcycle riders were used to. Some even credit the end of WWII as the beginning of the ‘all too familiar classic motorcycle jackets’ biker movement.

Submitted by:  Kiara Wilson.  Kiara has been riding for over 6 years; you can also follow her on Twitter at @kiara99699.

**Life's Ride As I See It and/or it's blog's owner, is not responsible for any materials/products or otherwise, mentioned/linked to in any Guest Post(s) submitted by Guest Post Writers.  Photographs which are submitted along with guest posts will, and do, assume the same responsibilities to the Guest Writer for photographic credit mentions.  

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