Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Welcome to K-H Photography,  
a continuing part of Life's Ride As I See It©.    

As all know by now, Life's Ride is no longer.  However, to answer a question that has been asked through inquiries... Yes, the content will include motorcycle postings.  However,  it will be through the journey of the photographs on my photography site, K-H Photography, focusing more on the photo with simple captions.

My Photography site has always been a "blog" of sorts.  I have taken many photos (or snaps) and most all tell a story of travels and people through captions.  All I have really done is paired down into the photo site and the photo site's blogography.  A much simpler way to photograph and tell the tale.  
Sometimes, just the photograph will be posted to welcome your comment if you desire.  
So please join me on this new venture. 

Happy New Photo Trailzzz,

KaTy Did

Note:  All posts have been archived and are waiting to be bound.  Many years of writing will be fun to go through in the future.  Again, thank you all for being part of a huge enjoyment for me these past 10 years.  It wouldn't have been this much fun without you all.